communionSan Francisco Solano Catholic Church has Eucharist preparation programs for children and adults.  To get more information about our programs, please contact the appropriate parish staff member.
Contact–Preparation for children:  Jennie Fice–949 589-1709 Ext. 2135
Contact–Preparation for adults: Deacon Carl Swanson–949 589-7767 Ext. 2108

A Reflection on the Eucharist

One of the significant challenges in life is making peace with life’s duality. In a moment, we can move from elation to desolation, from communion to loneliness, from tranquility to worry. When we hear laughter, we tremble in case in a moment tears will be mingled with it.

We bring to our celebration of the Eucharist an awareness that our lives are mysteriously touched by an unfathomable love, encountered in human love and responsibility, truth and virtue, joy and beauty. Yet despite intimations of the divine, we also find ourselves tired and unsettled by the demands of life, the burdens of failing health, the concerns of family, and the uncertainties of daily living. We find ourselves unsettled by the presence of violence, disasters, and poverty in our world. As members of the human family, we are affected by human suffering, far and near. Often, we are exhausted from the demands of life. Often we are tired and hungry.

Each Sunday, we celebrate the Eucharist by which we take pause to “catch our breath” and receive nourishment.

What is the nourishment we receive through the gift of the Eucharist? Maybe it is a morsel of hope, a shard of light, when all is dark. Maybe it is the will and the strength to put one foot in front of another, one day at a time. Maybe it is to hear the Lord speak: “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Preparation for First Communion–Adults