Children & Youth

San Francisco Solano parish offers faith formation opportunities for children and youth from kindergarten through high school.

Our mission is to support the Catholic faith at home through activities that are liturgically based.  We hope the faith life of the family will be enriched through the activities provided in Youth Faith Formation.

Director of Faith Formation (K-8):
Amy Franklin  949-589-1709, Ext. 2139


Office hours:
Mondays          9 am-5 pm
Tuesdays          9 am-8 pm
Wednesdays   9 am-5 pm

Closed from 12 noon to 1 pm for lunch


Families can deepen their Catholic faith at home by:

†    Praying together during mealtime, at bedtime, or on a long car ride.

†    Attending Sunday Mass; this establishes a habit of making God a priority in family life.

†    Sharing how they rely on God in their daily lives.  Parents, this is a great witness to your children!